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2024 Sports Card Release Schedules

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Newsletter Article: Is Buying Panini Retail Football a Bad Idea? Plus - Topps Series 2 SP Rookie Print Runs

June 17, 2024

What's missing from the retail blasters?  The top-tier autographs from most of the key rookies who sign for Panini like Anthony Richardson, Bijan Robinson, and Jordan Addison... Read More

2023 Optic Football Retail Missing Key Rated Rookie RPS Autographs?

Newsletter Article (Free): 2023 Optic Football Retail Missing Key Rated Rookie RPS Autographs

June 2, 2024

However, concerns arise if the early release retail blaster packs lack key athlete autograph cards. Since the release of the 2023 Panini Donruss Optic retail product, we've diligently monitored eBay sales data, yet crucial cards are conspicuously absent... Read More

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May 2024 Sports Card Market Cap

Newsletter Article (Paid): May 2024 Sports Card Market Cap

June 1, 2024

It's rare for the sports card market to see a month where Michael Jordan isn't either the top-selling athlete or the second best. However, in May, Anthony Edwards and Victor Wembanyama surpassed MJ's dominance at the top.... Read More

Goldin Fixed Price Marketplace Discontinued

Newsletter Article (Free): Goldin Marketplace Discontinued!

May 21, 2024

In January 2023, Goldin introduced a new marketplace feature, aiming to centralize buying and selling of trading cards and collectibles. However, as of May 20, 2024, the marketplace has been officially discontinued with limited or no customer notifications... Read More

Predicting which Rookies will be Released in 2024 Topps Series 2

Predicting which Rookies will be Released in 2024 Topps Series 2

May 16, 2024

Let's take a quick peek at the players we anticipate (and the reasons why) to feature in 2024 Topps Series 2 and who the likely holdovers are for 2024 Topps Update... Read More

Newsletter Article: Alternative Data Related to Hobby Strength/Weakness

Newsletter Article (Paid): Alternative Data Related to Hobby Strength/Weakness

May 15, 2024

What really has my interest is when we overlay this data with our classic market cap data that has revealed that web traffic patterns could serve as an early indicator of hobby volatility..... Read More

2024 Bowman Early Prospect Sales Data

Newsletter Article (Paid):  2024 Bowman Hits the Market, Which Prospects Show Early Sales Strength?

May 5, 2024

The highly anticipated second major baseball card release of 2024 has hit the market ahead of schedule. Let's delve into the initial sales figures for the top-tier prospects that are capturing the interest of collectors, breakers, and dealers.... Read More

FREE Newsletter Article: 1-Month Sports Card Market Cap Data.

Free Newsletter Article (Free):  Check out the 1-Month Market Cap data for the Top 50 selling athletes. 

May 2, 2024

Check out the lastest Top 50 selling athletes market cap update... Read More

Updated: 12-Month Sports Card Market Cap Data.

12-Month Market Cap April Update

May 1, 2024

Check out the lastest Top 50 selling athletes market cap update... Read More

Top 15 Prospects in the 2024 Bowman prospect set

Newsletter: Our Top 15 Prospects in the 2024 Bowman Release

Apr 11, 2024

The prospects listed below with either have 1st Bowman Chrome and/or 1st Bowman Prospect Autograph cards in the upcoming release. I'm excited to unveil our Top 15 Prospects that I'll be eyeing on release day... Read More

Could 2024 Be One of the Greatest MLB Rookie Card Classes?

Could 2024 Be One of the Greatest MLB Rookie Card Classes?

Mar 25, 2024

Heading into the 2024 MLB season, the baseball prospect youth movement is evident with the emergence of Jackson Chourio, Jackson Merrill, & Wyatt Langford looking to make their mark at the big league level. Let's take a look at the market value of these players and discuss strategies and concerns with their baseball card market...Read More

Newsletter - 2025 Baseball Prospects You Should Know About, Part 2

Newsletter: 2025 Baseball Prospects You Should Know About, Part 2

Mar 18, 2024

We’re continuing our “way too early" MLB prospect analysis, highlighting some promising young baseball prospects worth tracking for those interested in baseball card prospecting....Read More

Newsletter: 2025 Baseball Prospects You Should Know About, Part 1

Mar 16, 2024

Over the next few days, we'll share "way too early" MLB prospect analysis to highlight some promising young baseball prospects worth tracking for those interested in baseball card prospecting...Read More

Breaking Down the Post-Combine 2024 NFL Draft Buzz

Breaking Down the Post-Combine 2024 NFL Draft Buzz

Mar 11, 2024

With the NFL Combine wrapped up, the focus intensifies on top prospects shaping their destiny in the upcoming draft. For avid football card collectors and traders, the pre-draft period buzzes with activity as collectors aim to secure early deals on players destined for prime draft positions... Read More

Newsletter - Topps Series 1 Hidden Gem? Take Advantage Now!

Mar 2, 2024

With the release of the 2024 Topps Series 1 baseball cards, most collectors and dealers hyper-focus on the incoming rookie crop. Evan Carter, Jasson Dominguez, and Elly De La Cruz stand at the top of the rookie class and their limited production parallels have taken center stage..Read More

Newsletter - Sports Card Market Cap Update (90 Day View), Feb. 2024

Mar 1, 2024

The Sports Card Market Cap valuations for individual athletes are not formulated like publicly traded companies. The value of sports cards are influenced by factors such as card rarity, condition, player performance, and market trends.Read More

Gunner Henderson a Superstar?  His Must Own Rookie Cards 

Feb 27, 2024

The 2023 Baltimore Orioles were one of the biggest surprises in MLB baseball. National "experts" had them projected to win 74 games considering the youth movement of the team and no real understanding of their ability to perform as a unit... Read More

Topps Baseball Rookie Cards - Key Players to Collect (Modern/Ultra-Modern)

Feb 1, 2024

Are you looking for an updated list of modern baseball rookie cards to collect?  We've compiled a list of Modern & Ultra-Modern era Topps Baseball Rookie Cards to assist in your search... Read More

Data-Driven Review of the Sports Card Market (2024)

Data-Driven Look at the State of Sports Cards

Jan 4, 2024

As we wind down 2023, the buzz about the state of the hobby is all over social media. Many seem optimistic, but here at Chasing Majors, we're diving into data to drive our opinions, and not just relying on how we felt about our last trade or a recent sell... Read More

Selling Baseball Cards

Strategies for Selling Baseball Cards

Dec 28, 2023 

If you're looking to part ways with some of your cherished baseball card collection.  Knowing where, when and how to start selling baseball cards can feel daunting.  Don't worry; it's a big decision, and I'm here to guide you through the process... Read More

Where to Buy Sports Cards

Where to Buy Sports Cards

Dec 21, 2023 

So, you're on the hunt for those packs, singles,  or maybe a box of cards? Well, we've got you covered, sharing details for the best places where to buy sports cards... Read More

How to Grade Baseball Cards Yourself

How To Grade Sports Cards Yourself

 Dec 19, 2023 

Over time experienced collectors develop an eye for how to grade sports cards. But how do the pros grade sports cards? Well, good news,  every collector can do it themself...  Read More

Rookie Card Guide

The 2024 Guide for Rookie Sports Cards

 Dec 16, 2023 

Are you looking for a guide to explain rookie sports cards? Whether you're diving into the world of collecting or you're a seasoned pro, there's something magical about rookie sports cards that captures the essence of a player's early journey...  Read More

Denver Sports Cards

Denver Sports Card Scene in 2024

 Dec 14, 2023 

Denver's sports card landscape remains promising despite the broader market experiencing significant depreciation in value over the past two years...  Read More

Are Sports Cards a Good Investment?

Are Sports Cards a Good Investment in 2024?

 Dec 9, 2023 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the sports card hobby, collectors often find themselves pondering unique avenues to grow their sports card portfolios...  Read More

Juan Soto's a New York Yankee, Impact on his Baseball Cards

Juan Soto is a New York Yankee, Impact on his Baseball Cards

 Dec 7, 2023 

Hobby News: If you love baseball and you're into collecting baseball cards, you certainly have heard that Juan Soto is now a member of the New York Yankees...  Read More

Babe Ruth 1914 Baltimore News - Courtesy of Robert Edward Auctions

Top 5 Most Expensive Baseball Cards

 Updated: Dec 5, 2023 

In the world of baseball cards, certain cards establish a benchmark. Here is a running list as of December 2023, of the five baseball cards that represent the highest realized prices in the baseball card market...  Read More

Investing vs. Collecting in the Sports Card Hobby

Investing vs. Collecting in the Sports Card Hobby

Dec 3, 2023 

Today, we're diving into a debate as old as trading cards themselves: Investing versus Collecting Sport Cards. Ask yourself, are you in it for the love of the hobby, or are you playing the long game for potential financial gains...  Read More

The Lowdown on SGC and PSA Grading

The Lowdown on PSA & SGC Grading

Dec 1, 2023 

Let's talk about why SGC and PSA Grading should be your go-to choices for authentication and grading...  Read More

How Many Sports Card Sell Weekly on eBay?

How Many Sports Cards are Sold on eBay in 2023?

Nov 27, 2023 

Would you be shocked if I told you that during the week of Thanksgiving 2023, more than 700,000 sports cards were sold on eBay?...  Read More

Exploring the Business Model of COMC's Sports Card Marketplace

What You Need to Know About COMC

Nov 24, 2023 

Today, let's take a deep dive into the Business Model of COMC, the online platform that's redefining the game of the sports card marketplace...  Read More

Are Baseball Cards Worth Anything?

Are Baseball Cards Worth Anything in 2023?

Nov 15, 2023 

Determining the worth of baseball cards revolves around several factors, including the significance of the player, the rarity of the card, its condition, and its historical relevance...  Read More

The Evolving Landscape of Sports Cards Online

The Evolving Landscape of Sports Cards in 2023

Nov 12, 2023 

From virtual card shows to online marketplaces, the game has changed, and we're here to be your guide...  Read More

Is Set Building Dead?

Nov 10,  2023 

Let's talk about a topic that might hit you right in the nostalgia feels, Set Building. Once the heartbeat of card collecting, some folks say it's on life support or even pronounced dead...  Read More

Understanding the Dynamic World of Sports Card Values

Nov 7, 2023 

The value game can be a maze, but fear not, we're here to help you decode the mysteries and navigate the twists and turns of this thrilling journey...  Read More

Navigating Facebook Sports Card Marketplace in 2024

Nov 5, 2023 

So, you're ready to score some awesome Sports Cards on Facebook, huh? Hold up, before you dive in headfirst, we've got some important tips to make sure you don't end up fumbling the ball...  Read More