About Us

Since 1987, my journey in the sports card hobby began when my parents purchased some 1987-88 Fleer basketball cards for me at an NBA game. 

As a passionate sports fan, sports cards quickly became a staple in my life, with my current collection encompassing baseball, football, basketball, and golf cards spanning from pre-war vintage to ultra modern-day releases.

Like many collectors, my interest in sports card collecting evolved into a passion for data analytics as I delved into the statistical side of sports. This passion eventually led me to a 20+ year career in data science, engineering, and leadership.

Now, I've merged my background in data science with my love for sports and sports card collecting to create ChasingMajor.com and my weekly sports card newsletter.

With over 35 years in the hobby and two decades of data analysis experience, my goal is to provide readers and newsletter subscribers with detailed insights and trends in the sports card world.  Whether it's uncovering undervalued buying opportunities, tracking hobby trends, or evaluating new product releases, this website and our newsletter is dedicated to serving and informing my fellow hobbyists.