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Could 2024 Be One of the Greatest MLB Rookie Card Classes?

A Look at 3 Top-Tier Prospect That Could Get Rookie Cards in 2024, + 3 Prospects We're Actively Buying. 

Published: March 25, 2024

Heading into the 2024 MLB season, the baseball prospect youth movement is evident with the emergence of Jackson Chourio, Jackson Merrill, and Wyatt Langford looking to make their mark at the big league level. Let's take a look at the market value of these players and discuss strategies and concerns with their baseball card market.

Jackson Chourio, OF, Milwaukee Brewers, Age: 20

Jackson Chourio, a strong contender for NL Rookie of the Year, showcased remarkable performance across AA-AAA levels in 2023, boasting a .283/.338/.467 slash-line with 22 homers in AA.

Drawing comparisons to Ronald Acuna Jr., Chourio's versatility and potential are widely acknowledged. However, as an incoming MLB rookie, he lacks an official MLB rookie card, making his 2022 Bowman Chrome Prospect 1st the primary target for collectors and dealers.

As Chourio enters the MLB, his market is poised for fluctuations, influenced by his early season performance. Many who acquired Chourio's cards at discounted prices have been and will likely continue to capitalize on early season hype by offloading them to collectors, especially before his inclusion in flagship sets like Topps Series 2, Topps Update, and/or Topps Chrome.

As of January 2024, Chourio's high-end baseball card market has shown significant strength, with strong sales observed in both auctions and buy-it-now listings. However, these prices represent a decline from the peak sales recorded a year ago. Such fluctuations are common among top-tier prospects, prompting dealers to shift their focus away from a prospect before they establish themselves as regulars in MLB lineups.

Wyatt Langford, OF, Texas Rangers, Age: 22

Wyatt Langford demonstrated exceptional hit tools in 2023, boasting a stellar .360/.480/.677 performance across four minor league levels. At just 22 years old, Langford exhibits genuine power at the plate.

Many view him as a frontrunner for AL Rookie of the Year, alongside his rookie teammate Evan Carter, making them both formidable players to keep an eye on.  Langford's prospect baseball card market is constrained by the limited number of sets he’s featured in. His 2023 Bowman 1st pre-rookie cards (PRC) are the key cards most collectors are targeting.

Alongside players like Jackson Holliday, Langford has experienced substantial price surges fueled by considerable hype and a impressive spring training performance. With Holliday being demoted to the minors to start the 2024 season, Langford emerges as the premier prospect to monitor as opening day approaches.

Langford's baseball card market is expected to remain highly active, driven by his rapid ascent and the scarcity of his card inventory. The resurgence of Langford's market began to gain momentum as early as December. Since then, there has been a consistent pattern of achieving higher highs and higher lows.

In the past month alone, sales of his top-tier chase cards have reached unprecedented levels, indicating a strong market demand. As long as Langford continues to perform exceptionally on the field, we anticipate that his card prices will continue to climb.

Jackson Merrill, CF/SS, San Diego Padres, Age: 20

At just 20 years old, Jackson Merrill's inclusion in the Padres' opening day roster signals the team’s desire to kick off a youth movement in San Diego. While he's not the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year, Merrill's impressive hitting abilities and athleticism are undeniable.

It's worth noting that Merrill lacks a Bowman 1st logo autograph card, which significantly affects his market among prospect collectors. Despite alternative prospect autograph cards being available, the absence of the Bowman 1st logo impacts the appeal to collectors who have specific preferences.

We're optimistic about Merrill's potential as a valuable investment, especially if his hitting skills prove effective against major league pitching. Topps has already introduced Topps Now cards featuring Merrill with the RC logo, indicating his likely inclusion in Topps Series 2. We're actively engaged in speculating and flipping low-cost Merrill pre-rookie cards, aiming to exit his prospect market entirely before the launch of Series 2.

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